Hello, my name is Brittany Rankin and I am the owner of Grit & Grace Aesthetics. I have been in the industry for over 8 years. I have been a business owner as well as an instructor at EVIT and have experience and exposure as an employee of a Med Spa.

Grit & Grace Aesthetics offers a variety of skin care treatments including skin revision, corrective treatments and relaxation, along with an array of body treatments designed to help you reach your goals faster. Some of the most requested services are Glo2Facial by Geneo, Hydrafacials, Dermaplaning, Acne Facials, Customized Facials, and Body Sculpting.

At Grit & Grace Aesthetics our clients are the top priority. We value all our clients and customize the best treatment plan that’s right for you.

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Our Mission Statement

Grit & Grace Aesthetics’ mission is to empower our clients by providing premium aesthetic services that leave our clients feeling confident and beautiful! We aim to carry our mission by using both Grit & Grace. Success requires perseverance, determination, and the strength to overcome our challenges with unwavering ethics and performance.

Through teamwork, our clients will be driven by passion, resilience, and long-term goals achieved together- the true definition of Grit. We have learned that true success is only achieved with teamwork, kindness, delicacy, and the ultimate understanding that the good of the team is greater than the success of an individual- the true definition of Grace.

Armed with both Grit & Grace, we can now strive to account mission: making a positive change in all we offer. We are committed to perpetual learning, based on the latest trends and techniques in our industry. We aim to enhance our expertise so our clients can reap unique needs. In sum, we believe, at our core everyone deserves to experience being pampered and cared for. Our hope is that each person that walks through our doors feels like a part of our family.

We are excited to have you!

Brittany Rankin

Owner | Licensed Aesthetician | Licensed Instructor | CLT

Grit & Grace Aesthetics Core Values

  • Integrity (You can’t spell Grit without Integrity)
  • Trust– You are confiding is us, so earning your Trust is our primary goal.
  • Passion– We want you to leave us feeling rejuvenated and equipped with the tools to share with others.
  • Collaboration– In concert, we will learn from each other to make us better people.