Acne Program – Face Reality

Welcome to our Face Reality Acne Program, where we provide comprehensive consultations and personalized treatments to help you achieve clear, healthy skin. Our program is designed to address all aspects of your skin, including the products you use, your makeup, dietary habits, and more. With our expert guidance and effective treatments, we aim to clear your acne and boost your confidence. Take the first step towards clear skin by booking your Face Reality consultation today.

Face Reality Consultation – $50

Our Face Reality Consultation is an extensive assessment of your skin and its specific needs. During this 45-minute session, we will evaluate your current skincare routine, makeup choices, dietary habits, and perform a thorough skin analysis.

Face Reality Consultation & Treatment – $125

Our Consultation & Treatment option includes all the components of the Face Reality Consultation described above. After completing the consultation and skin analysis, we will recommend the Face Reality acne products that are mandatory for your treatment. These products are crucial for moving forward with our acne treatments. Photos will be taken, and we will proceed with an acne treatment customized for your skin.

The treatment includes deep cleansing, extractions, a gentle chemical peel, and LED Light Therapy. Please note that the cost of products is not included in the treatment price. The price of products may vary based on your skin’s needs and can range between $175 to $225. Most products will last 8-12 weeks, depending on the regimen prescribed.

Face Reality Follow Up – $90

To ensure your acne clears up within 90-120 days, we recommend bi-weekly follow-up treatments. These sessions are crucial for maintaining progress and achieving long-lasting results. Each follow-up treatment includes deep cleansing, extractions, gentle chemical peels, and LED Light Therapy.

During each appointment, we will assess your skin’s progress, track improvements, and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. Consistency and dedication are key in achieving clear skin. With Skin Salvation Aesthetics, you have a supportive partner on your journey to clear, healthy skin.

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Ready to take control of your acne? Book your Face Reality consultation or consultation & treatment online today. Our experienced professionals are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your journey to clear skin is effective and personalized. Don’t give up – let Skin Salvation Aesthetics help you regain your confidence with our Face Reality Acne Program.